VG10 Steel Review – Is it a Good Knife Steel?

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Steel knives are an absolute must-have item in the kitchen.  If you are a knife lover, you shouldn’t ignore VG10 knives. Why’s that? With this VG10 steel review, you can find some useful information to answer this tricky question.

We believe that after reading this article, you can make a wise decision when buying a new knife for your cooking. Now, let’s dive in!

What Is VG10 Steel?

Steel is an alloy of iron and carbon. Most steels often have some substances to enhance the characteristics of the knife. For example, stainless steel includes chromium to increase hardness, anti-fouling, and anti-corrosion.

Made in Japan, VG10 is a high-grade chromium-enhanced stainless steel for outstanding blade sharpness and required toughness. 

In addition, the manufacturer also adds chromium to increase the durability and hardness of the knives, enabling them to cut through any hard ingredient like a hard knife through butter. 

If properly maintained to prevent corrosion and rust, the blade made from VG10 steel can be your kitchen companion for a very long time.

Chemical Composition

VG10 stainless steel is high carbon steel, consisting of chromium and vanadium. Manufacturers also add cobalt to this steel to increase strength and hardness. All in all, here are the main elements of this high-grade steel:

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  • 1% carbon 
  • 1% molybdenum
  • 15.5% chromium
  • 0.2% vanadium 
  • 1.5% cobalt
  • 0.5% manganese
  • 0.03% phosphorous

The above substances contribute to the VG 10 steel’s unique qualities, such as its ability to maintain an edge and its overall endurance. It’s one of the reasons why the VG-10 steel is so valuable to so many individuals, from chefs to knife collectors.

VG10 Steel Properties

The VG10 knives are very popular in the knife industry worldwide – that’s not an overstatement. Want to know the reasons? Let’s take a look at the four main properties of this steel.

Edge Retention

Edge retention is the factor that determines how sharp your knife remains when in use. Regardless of the task, name it, tracing paper, sharpening a stick, or cutting string, no one likes a dull knife. 

This quality is exactly what a VG-10 knife provides. Carbon, molybdenum, chromium, and cobalt combined to offer your VG10 knife exceptional edge retention. There is no need to sharpen your knife after a few hours or days of use, saving you time and labor!

Hardness And Toughness

When the steel is hard, you’ll find it more durable because the knife won’t bend, twist, or deform easily. Despite the high hardness, which usually means that it’s weak at toughness, VG10 is still extremely durable. The material still has good hardness and can endure harsh circumstances.

Corrosion Resistance

Some steels resist rust and corrosion better than others. And this is the case for VG-10 steel due to its high chromium concentration (up to 15.5%), which results in a high carbon stainless steel that resists corrosion when utilized in damp or humid conditions.

Ease Of Sharpening

The ease with which a knife may be sharpened when necessary is an essential consideration. When it comes to this aspect, VG10 is an excellent candidate. Although being hard steel, its chemical substances are so perfectly balanced that it does not impair sharpen the ability.

So, Is VG-10 Steel Good For Knives?

VG-10 is a life-saver amongst cooks for its balance as a durable knife and edge-holding strength that can withstand extended and consecutive usage. 

Typically, this steel has an HRC of 60-61. HRC stands for Hardness Rockwell C, which is a measurement unit of materials like steel. With an HRC of 60-61, VG10 is proved to be very hard and sturdy.

On a scale of 1 to 10, we rate VG-10 6 points for sharp edge retention, 7 points for corrosion resistance, and 6 points for easy sharpening. 

VG-10 is the same steel as 154CM and ATS-34. However, it adds more chrome vapor to prevent rust and contains vanadium to increase toughness compared to the two competitors.

All in all, if you are pursuing a well-performed and reasonably-priced knife, a VG-10 knife is what you shouldn’t miss. If you’re looking for an excellent and durable working knife, this is a fantastic option.

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After a long-winded part explaining what VG-10 steel is and its properties, now let’s take a look at some frequently asked questions about this subject and our respective answers.

1. Is VG-10 Steel Easy To Sharpen?

Because VG10 is premium steel, it should be extremely easy to sharpen as long as you use the proper equipment. Don’t let the blade’s profile grow too dull, and know that the procedure might take anywhere from 10 to 40 minutes to achieve the appropriate edge sharpness.

2. Does VG-10 Steel Rust?

VG-10 is high carbon steel and excellent at rust resistance. It will only rust in the circumstance that you neglect the knife and leave it wet and dirty for a long time.

3. Is VG 10 Better Than 440C?

Once considered America’s premium steel, 440C is a fairly comprehensive good but has now been eclipsed by new super steels. 

It is a stainless steel model manufactured in high quality at an affordable price. It is very hard and resistant to wear and rust. VG10 features better edge retention than the 440C but less corrosion resistance. Regardless, 440C is rather soft steel compared to VG-10. 

4. Is VG10 Better Than D2?

VG10 outperforms D2 in terms of edge holding, corrosion resistance, and sharpness. However, D2 steel as high carbon steel is superior to VG10 in terms of hardness.

5. VG10 vs. S35VN

The Japanese VG10 stainless steel is of high quality, but S35VN is many generations ahead and superior knife steel for most purposes. They seldom compete head-to-head in the opinion of most knife aficionados due to their price and performance differences.

However, overall, S35VN is still more versatile and better than VG10 since you get what you pay for. But if you are seeking an affordable knife, VG10 will take the lead.


After reading this VG10 steel review, we hope you have an overview of the VG10 steel’s benefits and disadvantages and can decide if it is an appropriate knife material as a new edition to your kitchen. 

The steel’s features involve remarkable corrosion resistance and durability. Rest assured that this amazing steel, together with its exceptional advantages, will benefit you tremendously in cutting practice.


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