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Aside from kitchen utensils, cutlery plays an indispensable part in your dear kitchen. This is the little secret of home chefs to drive deep, sweet cuts into the pork loin. If you want a quality set like them, wrap your mind around this article on the TUO cutlery review and decide for yourself.

Different Main Series of TUO Knives 

Though still considered a young company of 20 years in the industry, TUO prides itself on manufacturing quality, practical, and technologically advanced cutlery.

It has released various knife series for different cooking purposes with different price ranges. Some signature sets are Fiery Phoenix, Black Hawk Series, Falcon Series, Legacy, Ring, and Osprey Series. 

Contrary to our instant stigma attached to Chinese brands, TUO knives are, in fact, widely praised for their rigorous craftsmanship, wonderful performance, and reasonable affordability.

Each of them has been examined through a thorough process of Japanese quality testing, guaranteeing to grant you only the best culinary experiences.

What is the Best TUO knife?

RankKnifeBlade Material
1TUO Chef KnifeForged high-carbon stainless steel
2TUO Santoku KnifeForged high-carbon stainless steel
3TUO Nakiri KnifeGermany Forged high-carbon stainless steel

TUO Knife Review in Detail

Within this section of the TUO cutlery review, we discuss the three types of TUO knives in terms of utility, design, suitability, and eventually summarize which one is for you. 

1. TUO Chef Knife Review

This chef knife falls into the Black Hawk-S category and, as its name might have given away, is perfected for multipurpose uses. Cutting meat, fish, or fruits, you name it, the knife has you entirely covered. 

For the most part, it is thanks to the robust rippled blade, which is also the telltale feature of the knife. The rippled patterns allow for reduced contact between the food and the blade, thus driving the slice definitively through the sticky raw meat.

Another commendable aspect of the design is the knife’s ergonomic handle, made of composite fiberglass. This feature facilitates a tight gripping of your hand around its edges to perform any given culinary challenge.

Yet, there is a turnoff for this pick, which is the hefty weight of 0.8 pounds, compared to the standard 0.6. Not to mention, the product is already sharp right out of the box and can damage plastic boards. Therefore, you should be cautious during and after using the tool or preferably keep it neat in blocks.

After some time, you can choose to enhance its sharpness with a diamond stone. 


  • High-end rippled finish 
  • Functions greatly
  • Reasonably priced 
  • Highly ergonomic handle
  • Easy to sharpen 
  • Attention-to-detail packaging 


  • A bit heavy 

Verdict: Kudos to the manufacturer for having such excellence. If you are looking for home cutlery must-have or a classy gift for a chef, look nowhere else.

2. TUO Santoku Knife Review

This Hollow Santoku ground knife is another pick from the Black Hawk series, yet with even more surprises in design and utility. 

Like the last chef knife we have just talked about, this Santoku boasts intricate 3D etched-in ripples, facilitating decisive slicing without sticking. The GSS material settles for the right amount of malleability and hardness required for cutlery.

Yet, this time, it differs in two senses: the tip and the grantors (also known as dimples or divots). Its tip is not in a point shape but somewhat a sheepsfoot one. This kind of blade serves as a generous base/ leverage for quick cutting, slicing, mincing, and dicing. Thus, it is extremely useful inside restaurants.

It also features etched grants along the body. These grants create tidy air pockets between the blade and the moist food or vegetables, preventing them from sticking to each other while cutting. 

However, you can only use a pull-through knife sharpener for honing this kind of cutlery.

As for maintaining the knife, you should always wash it carefully by hand after every cooking session. After that, store the tool in a dry place.


  • Classy, sleek look
  • G10 composite fiberglass handle for durability
  • Tripled rivets for maximum fastening
  • Competitive price
  • Full tang for enhanced robustness
  • Ergonomic pinch gripping


  • Requires hand wash and dry storage

Verdict: Once again, we highly recommend this knife specifically for vegetarians, who cook with vegetables daily. Your time detaching the veggies from the blade will be tremendously saved.

3. TUO Nakiri Knife Review

Let’s take our review up a notch with this TUO Nakiri knife from the Falcon series. 

The TUO Nakiri knife sets itself apart from the crowd by its straight, minimal design and spacious surface area of the blade. These features are also what make it such a robust utility knife for female chefs and housemakers.

Again, the German stainless steel material renders the knife highly resistant to any stains, corrosion, or discoloration, guaranteeing the knife’s durability for years to come. 

Another distinctive feature of this knife is its dull snub-nosed tip, making it safer for both the domestic cooks and children playing in the kitchen.

Its handle material has a pakkawood finish and a rivet, also available in five different options for your choice. The diagonal curvature across its center makes the bolster safe to secure your index finger against. Trust us! It won’t make your finger swollen after each cooking process.

As for performance, we are greatly astonished by how well the knife churns out thin slices after thin slices within minutes. 

We must warn you, once again, the knife’s sharpness is no joke. Thus, be sure to keep it in the right place after each use.

There is only one minor problem with this knife: its underperformance in heavy-duty work such as peeling squash, dividing coconuts, or trimming celery roots. Yet, after all, you cannot expect everything from an inexpensive purchase, right?


  • Minimal seamless structure 
  • Extremely sharp
  • Versatile functions 
  • Easy maneuvering 
  • Value for money
  • Sturdy pakkawood handle 
  • Comes with a classy gift box 


  • Not for heavy-duty work

Verdict: We adore this knife for its perfect proportion and balance – an intentional calculation from the manufacturer. It is also perfect for cooks who cringe at long blades like us.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Are TUO Knives Any Good?

Of course, we believe TUO knives are of premium quality, considering their budget price. They give chefs a powerful yet comfortable feel while cutting,  or more like a playful culinary experience.

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Where Are TUO Knives Made?

They are made in China, yet adopt German formulation of stainless steel, and have a Japanese outer appearance. Don’t be confused!

How Do You Care For TUO Cutlery?

Thanks to the solid-built stainless steel, TUO cutlery is immune to any weather conditions and thus, low-maintenance. All you need to do is keep them spotlessly clean and place every piece neatly inside the knife block for maximum safety. 

If you want your knife to cut food like cutting butter, we suggest that you go the Asian way – using a stone as the sharpener.

Why Should One Buy A TUO Knife?

In short, there are three reasons that you should not miss out on TUO knives. Firstly, it’s their reasonable price. Secondly, TUO knives function wonderfully for both neophytes and professional cooks. And last but not least, it’s their cutting-edge and dedicated craftsmanship.

Is The TUO Knife Blade Steel Any Special?

Yes, we believe they are special in the sense that they adopt the world-renowned formulation of German stainless steel. This specific material boasts smooth textures, softer feedback, and enhanced flexibility. 


That concludes our article for today. To recap, if there is one crucial aspect to take away from this TUO cutlery review, it is that TUO cutlery will be your next worthy investment.  We are highly impressed by its minimal yet exquisite design, how the set has saved our time cooking, as well as how our batches of food turn out after having the set. Even better, you can also use TUO knives as gifts for your chef friends.

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