Pros and Cons of Single Bevel Knife: Why?

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Great meals are a product of great ingredients, cooking methods, and equipment used. One of the kitchen utensils that can make or mar a great meal is the type of knife used. Hence, it is important to pay great attention to the type of knife purchased as there are different knives for different purposes.

Before now, the Western world was used to double bevel knives. You will probably never come across one that isn’t that way. But in recent times, Single bevel knives are becoming more popular. Why is this so? Are there any advantages to single bevel knives we aren’t aware of? Is there any disadvantage to using the product? What are the differences between the two types of knife blades?

This question and more are what we will be addressing in this article. So, if you will like to know all about the pros and cons of a single bevel knife then join us as we go into a detailed review.

What is a Knife Bevel?

Before we go further, there is a need to understand what a bevel knife is. Generally, a bevel knife refers to the edge of a knife blade. There are two types of bevels, these are single bevel knives and double bevel knives. Different knives feature different bevels depending on the design and usage of the knife.

Also, each of these bevels (including a single bevel knife) has its pros and cons. Therefore, before purchasing a kitchen knife, it is important to consider the bevel blade as not doing so may lead to purchasing a knife that will not serve your purpose thereby leading to waste.

Single Bevel Knife

Also called a chisel edge blade, a single bevel knife is usually adopted for Japanese knives and is used to cut very thin slices of meat, cheese, vegetables and so on. This type of bevel has only one part of its edge grounded, while the other part is flat. It has an angle of between 12 to 15 degrees and is very sharp and perfect for delicate slicing.

Also, single bevel knives are ideal for people with advanced knife skills, especially those that are skilled at various cutting techniques. This knife is capable of cutting meat and vegetables as thin as paper. Since one part of the knife is flat, they are available in right- and left-handed versions, making it possible for all types of people to make suitable choices.

Double Bevel Knife

In double bevel knives, each side of the knife-edge is grounded, this feature makes it withstand cracking and rolling. It has a V-shaped design when viewed from outside, with a little v-shape at the tip, thereby giving it a more western look.

It is very sharp, even though it isn’t as sharp as single bevel knives. It is also suitable for various home use especially for those with average cutting skills. Double bevel knives are effective, and have a respectable performance. They can be used as a vegetable knives and so on.

Differences between Double Bevel Knives and Single Bevel Knives

While single and double bevel knives may seem to perform the same cutting tasks, there are differences between them. Reviewing the differences between them will give further insight on single bevel knives.


As earlier stated, bevel knives are knives with angled edges. A double bevel knife is one with two angles merging to form the blade edge while for a single bevel knife, the blade is straight and leads directly to the edge, while the opposite end is the angle.


Single bevel knives are reputed for their sharpness, this is because the edge usually has a more acute angle with the angle range being between 12 to 15 degrees. Since both sides of a double bevel have their separate angles, they tend to have a total angle of about 20 degrees.

However, the angle of double bevel knives has begun to reduce in recent time owing to the advancement in technology. Despite this, single edge knives have smaller angles, hence they are sharper.


Increase sharpness results in increased precision. Therefore, the sharp blade of a single bevel knife will slice through food with great precision. The sharper the knife, the more it can slice through food and not tear it.

Hence, single bevel knives have more precision than double bevel knives and are particularly great for making the best sushi.


Double bevel blades sacrifice sharpness for durability. Therefore, they last longer than single bevel knives. This is because the thinner the blade, the more the edges chip off causing it to be blunt before long.

Thus, single bevel knives are not ideal for meals with hard bits (e.g., meat with bones, avocadoes, and so on).

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Sharpening is considered a major advantage of single bevel knives. Since single bevel knives have only one edge, they are easier to sharpen than double-edged knives. Therefore, you can focus solely on getting the edge spot on.

However, knives only need to be occasionally sharpened, (perhaps every three to six months) and that’s if you use the knives frequently. Spending five to ten minutes every three or six months shouldn’t be such a difficult thing.

Advantages of single bevel knives

There are lots of benefits to using single bevel knives, they include:

  • Single bevel knives allow users to cut very precise slices of food.
  • They are very sharp, much more than double bevel knives.
  • Sharpening is easy, swift, and direct
  • Has a great and aesthetic Japanese design
  • Ideal for cutting vegetables, fruits, raw fish, and meat.
  • Ideal for making the best sushi
  • Delivers cleaner cut
  • Allows users to choose the angle of the blade bevel

Disadvantages of Single Bevel Knives

While single bevel knives are functional and efficient, they aren’t for everyone. The disadvantages to a single bevel knife include:

  • They are more expensive
  • They are not ideal for heavy-duty tasks


Choosing between a single bevel and a double bevel knife can be challenging, especially if you are not a professional cook and can’t tell the difference. Although the number of bevels on a knife can seem so irrelevant, they can make all the difference in how delicious your meals turn out to be. This is because different knives are meant for different purposes.

To help you get a grasp of things, we have compared the two types of bevel knives and have reviewed the pros and cons of a single bevel knife. With this information, you can use the right knife for the right task. This will ensure your meals come out as tasty as they should be.


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