How long Do Ceramic Knives stay Sharp?

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Are you considering purchasing a new knife, and perhaps someone sold the idea of having a ceramic knife to you? Then, you are on a good start. Ceramic knives are unarguably the best there is right now for several reasons. Their reputation for being very sharp is top amongst these reasons. This is their main selling point which keeps them well above other knife types available in the market.

Consequently, in this article, we would be answering the question; how long do ceramic knives stay sharp? From tests that have been conducted, ceramic knives can stay 10x sharper than normal steel knives. We would look at the reasons why they stay sharp for a long time?

What Are Ceramic Knives?

Ceramic knives are knives that are crafted from ceramic, just as the name implies. The process involves first dry-pressing zirconia powder (usually zirconium dioxide) before passing them through fire. The blade gotten is sharpened using a grinding wheel made of diamond dust to grind the edges.

Why is Ceramic Knives Sharper Than Most Knives?

Do you want to know how sharp a blade would be? Then check the material used in making it; generally, knifes sharpness is a property determined by the hardness of the production material.

As stated earlier, ceramic knives are produced using zirconia rated at about 8.5 using the Mohs mineral hardness scale. This is well above steel placed at 4.5, or carbon steel at 7.5-8. Hence, ceramic knives are sharper than knives made using normal steel or carbon steel. Little wonder ceramic can even be used to sharpen normal steel knives.

Due to the hardness of the ceramic knives, their edges are acutely sharpened. They are also able to retain their edges for a longer time.

How Long Do Ceramic Knives Stay Sharp?

Ceramic knives are very sharp and are capable of retaining their sharpness for a long time. They stay for a long without the need to resharpen them; this is unlike traditional knives that need regular resharpening. From tests that have been conducted, ceramic knives can stay 10x sharper than normal steel knives.

They can retain their edge more than steel knives because of the hardness of their production material.

Benefits of Using Ceramic Knives

Aside from the sharpness of ceramic knives, other benefits make them more suitable than steel knives.

1. Lightweight

Ceramic knives are light in weight (featherweight) compared to steel knives. They weigh half of what a steel knife weighs. This property makes them very easy to hold and also to use.

2. Thin blade

They have thin blades, making them the perfect tool for cutting or slicing fruits and vegetables into tiny portions.

3. They do not stain easily

Ceramic knives are resistant to stain. They do not stain easily, unlike normal steel or carbon steel knives.

The downside of Ceramic Knives

Although ceramic knives have their merits, they also have their downsides or disadvantages, these includes:

1. They are Brittle

The hardness of a ceramic knife which makes them very sharp equally makes them highly susceptible to breakage. This makes it very fragile, so you would need to be careful when using your ceramic knife as it can break easily.

2. Not easy to sharpen

Ceramic knives retain their edges for a long time. However, when their edges get dulled, it is not easy to get them sharpened. This is a great disadvantage, as you would have to spend more money to sharpen them or possibly get a new one when they get dulled.

3. Not for all kitchen activities

Unlike steel knives, you can’t use ceramic knives for cutting some food items. For example, they are not suitable for cutting meat with hard bones. Doing this can get them to break off easily.

Maintenance Of Ceramic Knives

Maintaining a ceramic knife is an ideal way to ensure that they stay sharper for longer; hence, they remain vital to you. So how do you maintain a ceramic knife to keep it sharp?

  1. Avoid cutting hard food, for example, food having bones. The ceramic knife is not ideal for all types of food items. So the first step to maintaining your knife is to ensure you only use it to cut the right food items. Ceramic knives are designed for cutting soft food items such as vegetables and fruits.
  2. Do not wash using a dishwasher even if the manufacturers recommend it. Ideally, you should wash them by hand. You should also avoid washing along with other dirty plates to avoid any form of stain.
  3. Store in a knife block or rack. Do not place in a drawer full of other knives; this can cause scratches. You can also use a knife sheath to protect the knives. This will protect your blade and keep it in good condition for a longer time.
  4. It is best to use a ceramic knife along with a cutting board; this can either be a wooden or plastic cutting board.

How Do You Sharpen A Ceramic Knife?

As stated earlier, one of the disadvantages of ceramic knives is that they are not easy to sharpen. This is because of the hardness of their material which makes it difficult to find a suitable material that can help sharpen it.

Therefore, even if they stay sharp for a longer time, eventually, their edges would get dulled, and when that happens, you must face reality and solve the issue of what to use to resharpen your laptop.

Well, there is a way out. To sharpen a ceramic knife, what you need is a material harder than the ceramic material. This is where you need a sharpener made of diamond material. These are the only materials harder than ceramic and thus are best suited for sharpening ceramic knives.

Fortunately, they are not so expensive, so you can easily afford them for your ceramic knives. Moreover, some knife brands also come with a knife sharpener. So, when buying a ceramic knife, you should also ascertain if they come with a suitable knife sharpener.

To use the diamond sharpener, you only have to scrape the edge of your ceramic knives against it, and your knife is restored, as good as new.

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A ceramic knife is highly sorted after by professionals due to several reasons. They are lightweight and very sharp too. This is their major selling point and the reason why they last as long as they do. They are, thus, amongst the best knives, you can find in the market, which is why everyone wants the answer to the question: How long do ceramic knives stay sharp? Fortunately, this article answers that question and much more. After reading this, you would know all there is to know about ceramic knives.


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