6 Best Japanese Steak Knives To Buy 2023 Review

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There is something special about Japanese steak knives that make them perfect for steaks. They are designed to be very lightweight and come with very sharp edges. All these leave the knives very easy to use and a delight on every steak table. To ensure that you benefit from all of the amazing features of Japanese steak knives, we have reviewed the six best products you can choose from below.

Advantages of Japanese Steak Knives

Unlike their western counterparts, these models are one of the wonders of the world. The steel used in crafting these knives is very strong and yet super lightweight. Hence, Japanese knives are one of the most sought-after knives by expert chefs. However, it isn’t just all about its lightweight features. Some of the other advantages of Japanese steak knives include:

They Offer Impressive Balance

They are easier to maneuver and flexible. This is entirely due to the construction which shuns the western style of having to include long bolster. Without the full bolster, users can effortlessly balance the knife in between fingers or hold it more comfortably while cutting through the steak.

The Edge is Sharper than Western Knives

The Japanese steak knives have sharper edges. They are often made from steel of great quality and are also often hand sharpened to create a flawless-looking edge. This makes it easy for you to cut through your meat effortlessly. The edge doesn’t just come very sharp; the sharpness retention rate of the edge is also always very acute. Also, unlike the western-styled knives, the Japanese cutlery often comes with a lower cutting angle that allows for more precision cutting.

They Often Come with One-Sided Bevel

With a one-sided bevel edge, a Japanese knife can push off meat stripes when you are actively cutting through your steak. The bevel prevents stick-on on the surface of the knife, and this helps to ensure faster and less messy cutting. Since the other side of a Japanese steak knife is flat, it also allows for low angle cutting to achieve desirable slices and shapes.

Top 6 Best Japanese Steak Knife Sets To Buy

RankSteak KnifeBlade Material
1Enso HD 6-piece Steak Knife SetVG-10 steel
2Dalstrong Steak Knives SetAUS-10V Steel
3KYOKU Daimyo Damascus Non-Serrated Steak KnivesVG10 Steel
4Wusthof Gourmet 7-Piece Steak-Knife SetAlloy Steel
5Shun Classic 4-Piece Steak Knife SetDamascus Steel
6Ginsu Gourmet 4-Piece Steak Knives Set420J Steel

1. Enso HD 6-piece Steak Knife Set

Rating top on our list is this powerful six-piece knife set. Not only will it give you all the flexibility and easy maneuvering you need on your steak table, but it is also as well very tough. It rates a total of 61 on the Rockwell Hardness scale rating, making it one of the best Japanese steak knives money can buy. It is durable on the inside and very sleek on the outside.

The outer sleekness is a result of its beautiful Damascus pattern. All knives, in this set, are beautifully patterned in an amazing Damascus style that is designed using 37 layers of stainless steel. These layers are hand-hammered to ensure you have a perfectly light-weight and yet very durable knife.

Also, the cutting technology is top-notch. It is designed to carry the VG-10 cutting technology that ensures absolute precision cutting. You will love the dimples across the blade that ensures that meat gets pushed off the edge easily. The handle is made from canvas micarta material that gives almost the same feel as a wooden handle but more durable, and wouldn’t get cracked.

Pros and Key Features

  • Black canvas micarta handle with the ergonomic benefit
  • Precision cutting edge with VG-10 technology
  • 61 Rockwell hardness rating 
  • Damascus pattern design with 37 layers of stainless steel

2. Dalstrong Steak Knives Set

The set comes ready to serve you properly on your steak table. It is crafted to ensure you are equipped with all the necessary features you need for an effortless steak cutting.  This set comes with four amazing knives that are hand-hammered for a beautiful Damascus pattern. This pattern is made using 66 layers of stainless steel. Thus, you have super strong and yet very lightweight products.

The stainless steel knives are all refined to be high carbon, and as such, you wouldn’t have to worry about corrosion or discoloration. The appearance is forever sleek and flawless, and so is the cutting strength. With a 62 Rockwell hardness scale rating, these knives are reliable and sturdy enough for lifetime use.

Furthermore, these knives offer you an unrivaled performance with their ruthlessly sharp edges that are honed to achieve up to 8 degrees of cutting maneuvering. The knives come with full tang support and riveted right into an ergonomically designed handle that is crafted as a military-grade G10 handle with anti-slip features.

Pros and Key Features

  • Lightweight and durable
  • 62 Rockwell hardness rating
  • G10 military grad handle with the ergonomic benefit
  • Full tang support

3. KYOKU Daimyo Damascus Non-Serrated

Cutting steaks just get better with these amazing Damascus non-serrated steak knives. They are designed to give you comfort, and this comfort starts right from the handles. Thus, the handles are designed using fiber to create a near wood-like feel with full tang support and mosaic pin triple riveting style. This G10 handle offers amazing weight balance and pure ergonomic benefits while handling.

Also, the blade is fortified to ensure both inner core strength and dauntlessly sharp blade edge. The blade is made from quality VG-10 stainless steel that is hammered into a beautiful Damascus pattern that consists of 33 layers of quality Japanese stainless steel. The edge is then given a perfect sharpening for precision cutting, making cutting through steaks very easy.

The knife is easy to clean after use and safe for use in the dishwasher. The edges are mirror polished for ultra-sharpness and perfect angle honing. You will further enjoy enough resistance against corrosion and stain to be able to maintain a dauntless and flawless-looking knife set.

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Pros and Key Features

  • Ultra-sharp edges
  • VG-10 stainless steel blade with full tang support
  • G-10 handle with ergonomic features
  • Safe for use in the dishwasher

4. Wusthof Gourmet 7-Piece Steak-Knife Set

You can achieve a lot more on your steak table with this 7 pieces set collection. Also, instead of worrying over where to store your knives, this collection comes with its wooden block which protects the knives from rust and discoloration. These products are made from high carbon stainless steel as a further assurance of the blades’ flawless appearance.

Unlike the Damascus patterned knives, this set is made from a single high carbon stainless steel sheet and then hand sharpened to give you all the sharpness and precision cutting that you desire. The precision cutting technology the edge employs, in giving you easy cutting and flexibility, is also responsible for the acute edge retention rate.

The handles are designed to be very comfortable too. It comes with full tang support and then triple-riveted for further reassurance of durability and strength. The handle design also comes with finger-guards and bolsters to afford you easy maneuvering. Overall, the knives are very lightweight and easy to fix.

Pros and Key Features

  • Comfortable handles
  • Wooden block for extra protection
  • Full tang and bolster support
  • High carbon stainless steel blade construction

5. Shun Classic 4-Piece Steak Knife Set

This set consists of knives that will help you build intimacy with your delicious steaks. This is because the 4.75-inch blade gives you closer contact to your steak and at the same time delivers impressive precision effortlessly cutting on the steak. This makes this set one of the best you can find in any retail outlet.

The handle is given a luxurious pakkawood construction with all the embodiments of ergonomic comfort. The handles are then reinforced with resins to make the wooden handle resistant to moisture and to ensure a very firm grip. The blade itself is given an aesthetically Damascus patterning that you would love.

The blades are made from 16 layers of micro stainless steel sheets and then hammered into lightweight knives that are easy to maneuver. The edge is extremely sharp, and the honing is perfect. What is more? You get to enjoy a lifetime of luxurious Damascus radiance as the blades come with rust and stain resistance.

Pros and Key Features

  • Luxurious Pakkawood handle
  • VG-10 stainless steel Damascus
  • Anti-corrosion protection acute precision cutting
  • Very lightweight

6. Ginsu Gourmet 4-Piece Steak Knives Set

Not only will this knife allow you to cut through your steak very effortlessly, but you also get the chance to enjoy all your entrée with luxurious comfort and unique precision cutting technology. The blade is made from forged stainless steel materials and then polished to give a serrated blade exterior. This cuts through food faster and pushes food off quickly.

The forged stainless steel blade also comes with protection that will keep the set of four knives away from the damaging impact of rust. These knives are very lightweight and yet come with all the core strength they need to cut through all appropriately prepared food. It offers easy maneuvering and a comfortable grip, which is made possible due to the ergonomic handle support.

The handles are designed to give you a very easy but safe grip. It is resistant to moisture and will ensure that the knives stay secured while handling. The handle is supported with a full tang feature that extends through the blade and deep into the handle. In terms of the Rockwell hardness scale, this set rates almost 58, which is an impressive core strength rate.

Pros and Key Features

  • Comfortable handle grip
  • Lightweight with impressive edge sharpness
  • Corrosion and odor resistant
  • Amazing exterior aesthetics

What To Look for When Buying a Japanese Steak Knife?

Consider Your Budget

Your budget will determine the type of steak knife you are taking home. Averagely, a great Japanese steak knife set could cost as low as $40 and as expensive as even $1000. Considering your budget will help you stick to those features that are most essential in a knife.

Steel Type

We have ensured to include only products made from forged stainless steel or high carbon stainless steel. Aside from the fact that these knives are often lightweight, they are also very durable. Always ensure that regardless of the steel type, your knives are resistant to stains and rust.

Always Consider the Weight

When a steak knife is too heavy, maneuverability and flexibility become more difficult. The entire essence of buying a Japanese knife set is because of how lightweight they are. Always ensure you can control the knife before you invest in it because these knives necessarily don’t have to be heavy but sharp.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Should a Japanese steak knife be serrated?

A steak knife doesn’t have to be serrated. What is important is how powerful the cutting precision is.

2. Are Japanese steak knives dishwasher safe?

Some are but always ensure you read the knife’s instructions before using your knife in a dishwasher. Always hand-wash if you are in doubt.

3. Can Japanese steak knives be sharpened?

Yes, they can be. However, opt for a hand sharpening process to treat the blade more delicately.

So, What is the Best Steak Knife Set?

Having reviewed some of the best Japanese steak knife sets you can invest in, we have six amazing products you can choose from. Our top choice, Enso HD Steak knife set, is affordable and comes with all the amazing features that make a great Japanese steak knife.

If you are looking for something more budget-friendly for a larger crowd, then Wusthof Gourmet 7-Piece Steak-Knife Set seems to do justice to that. However, regardless of your taste in a Japanese steak knife, any of our top six products will cater to you and give you an excellent cutting experience.

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