Best 1×30 Belts for Knife Making Craftmanship

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Making a knife is intricate and requires precise and effective engineering. As such, you can find belt sanders for making sharp and flawless knives. To accompany your quality knife sander, we recommend investing in the best 1x30 belts for knife making.

We acknowledge that the large variety of abrasive belts can make choosing the best daunting. Not to worry, here is an informative guide on the same. To kick start this buying guide, we will highlight the different belts you can find.

Types of Knife Making Belts

The first aspect to understand about knife-processing belts is that they come in different versions. Primarily, these differences lie in the materials that make them. Here is a brief breakdown of belts in this category:

  • Ceramic belts. This first type is coated with a hard ceramic material for durability and high endurance. Subsequently, they are ideal for grinding any hard materials.
  • Aluminum oxide (AO). Such belts come in a rusty brown impression. They are most popular among knife makes due to their combination of durability, affordability and efficiency.
  • Silicon carbide. Commonly known as carborundum, these belts are mainly made for industrial applications. Additionally, silicon carbide grain is great for knife sharpeners.
  • Zirconia alumina. This fourth type is regarded as the premium knife-creation companion. Ideally, zirconia alumina belts are excellent at knife sharpening and thrive in profiling and grinding before heat treatment. In addition, these self-sharpening belts can work excellently on annealed steel.

With the above understanding, you will be able to choose the most appropriate type of belt for your respective knife-making process. Besides identifying the available sanding belt types, read on for the best products in this category.

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1. M-jump 1 x 30 inch Sanding Belt

M-jump 24 Pack 1 x 30 inch Aluminum Oxide Sanding Belt Kit-Include 4 Each of 60 80 120 150 240 400 Grits-Premium Sandpaper Sander Belt for Portable Belt Sander
  • Made with Premium Aluminum Oxide grain.
  • It is mainly used for wood / aluminum / non-ferrous metal / glass / plastic / stone ect.
  • Antistatic, washable plus an additive in the resin to resist loading.
  • Other grit sanding belts are also available for sale.pls visit our M-jump store.
  • 24 PCS Assortment includes 4 each of 60 / 80 / 120 / 150 / 240 / 400 Grits.

Our front runner for the best 1x30 belts for knife making is the M-jump pack 24 sanding belts. These belts come with aluminum oxide material, a favorite among knife makers due to their affordability and durability. Even more, this top choice includes premium strong weight poly-cotton for improving its utility life (longevity). Accordingly, this set of sanding belts is ideal for beginner knife makers or hobbyists.

Regarding its performance, these M-jump belts have an excellent grain with grit that holds up well on non-ferrous metals like aluminum, wood, glass, plastic and even stone. As a result, beginners can use this 1 x 30-inch belt model in the entire knife-making process, including stock removal and fine finishing. While using these sanding belts, knife makers will also benefit from their washable and antistatic characteristic, which also features an additional resin bonding to keep loading at bay.

Also, as a package of 24 belts, it comes with 4 belts for each grit size: 400, 240, 150, 120, 80, and 60. Overall, most knife makers will find these sanding belts effective, sturdy and durable for fulfilling small-scale projects. So take advantage of this cost-effective choice to hone your knife-making skills.


  • Affordable
  • Extended longevity
  • Versatile to diverse materials
  • Anti-clogging stearate cloth backing
  • Washable and antistatic
  • Keeps loading at bay


  • Some belts might come unbalanced

2. Sackorange 24 Pack 1 x 30 Inch Silicon Carbide Sanding Belts

Sackorange 24 Pack 1 x 30 Inch High Performance Silicon Carbide Sanding Belts - 4 Pcs Each of 120 240 400 600 800 and 1000 Grits Premium Knife Sharpening Sanding Belts
  • Fully waterproof material. Can be run wet or dry. Heavy backing.
  • Silicon Carbide sander belts are best for sanding of: glass, stone, granite, cement, composites, plastics and light metal finishing.
  • Silicon carbide grain, closed coat, heavy duty y-weight polyester cloth backing.
  • Precision engineered bi-directional tape joint, anti-clogging stearate, and resin over resin bonding for long belt life
  • 24 PCS Assortment includes 4 each of 120 / 240 / 400 / 600 / 800 / 1000 Grits.

Are you looking for premium silicon carbide knife sharpening belts? Look no further! Find holistic excellence in this Sackorange pack of 24 silicone carbide belts. These industrial-grade belts can be used with a 1 x 30-inch sander to sharpen virtually anything from an ax to a fine blade.

In particular, knife makers can use this set with diverse metals, including titanium, copper, aluminum, and nickel. This versatility is enabled by the belts' ultra heavy-duty polyester cloth, which bolsters the strength required for prolonged service. Furthermore, the silicon carbide material on these belts is also durable and reinforced with resin over resin bonding for increased longevity.

These belts suit both professionals and beginners since it comes in a wide range of grit sizes. In this pack of 24, you will find 4 belts for each size: 1000, 800, 600, 400, 240, and 120. The 1000 grade fine grits are the finest and can provide a mirror-like knife finish.

What's more? These belts are waterproof, thus providing clean and excellent sanding performances in either dry or wet conditions. Additionally, these belts come with anti-clogging features, which keep out loading, as is the case with wet stones. Therefore, beginner knife makers can use these industrial-grade belts for the best metal cutting and blade sharpening.


  • Affordable pack
  • Heavy-duty build
  • Versatile to diverse materials
  • Anti-clogging and fully waterproof material


  • Not ideal for knife grinding and shaping

3. Aiyard 1/2 x 18 Inch Sanding Belts

Aiyard 1/2 x 18 Inch Aluminum Oxide Sanding Belts, 40/60/80/120/180/240 Assorted Grits Abrasive File Belts for Air Belt Sander, 24-Pack
  • Grits - 4pcs of each grit: 40/60/80/120/180/240, meeting your requirements for different applications.
  • Premium quality - Made from premium open coat aluminum oxide grain, heavy duty X-weight polyester cloth backing, delivering fast and long lasting sanding.
  • Connection - Precision engineered bi-directional tape joint, diagonal lap splice eliminates splice bump, the belt interface is firm and will not easy break.
  • Durable - Anti-static and washable, plus an additive in the resin to resist loading, features good abrasion resistance, anti-clogging.
  • Applications - Works with a mini air belt sander for detail processing requirements – smooth out tight corners and strange contours in wood, metal, plastics and more.

A standard 1 x 30-inch knife sander can also use the Aiyard sanding belts. Luckily, this aluminum oxide also comes in an affordable pack of 24 belts. Moreover, the premium aluminum oxide grain makes these belts long-lasting and fast sanders. Accordingly, these belts can be used on various materials, including non-ferrous metals, wood, fiberglass, plastic and rubber.

Moreover, the belts' longevity is enabled by the heavy X-weight material, which reinforces tensile strength, toughness and general strength. Knife makers also find this line of belts to be firm and smooth due to the precise engineering behind the bi-directional tape joint. As such, the bi-directional tape joint maximizes resistance to breakage.

These 1 x 30-inch sanding belts are compatible with almost any belt sander, including popular brands such as Allwin, Rikon, Goplus, Grizzly or even Power Tec. In addition, with its wide variety of grit sizes, you can use this pack for diverse sanding uses. Overall, this pack is affordable for DIY or even professional projects.


  • Affordable
  • Extra-long life
  • Precise connection without bumps
  • Versatile to various belt sanders
  • Diverse fine and coarse grits
  • Washable and antistatic


  • Some belts may come with unbalanced widths

4. Red Label Abrasives 1 X 30 Inch Silicon Carbide Sanding Belts

Another brand that makes excellent sanding belts is the Red Label Abrasives. In this case, use the 1x30-inch belts for your belt sander. The Red Label Abrasives 1 X 30 Inch belts are made with premium silicon carbide, which is loved for its excellent knife sharpening capabilities. Additionally, the silicon carbide in these belts is hand-built, and it's the secret behind the smooth cutting through soft metal.

These Red Label Abrasives 1 x 30 belts also have Y-weight polyester cloth backing, boosting their sturdiness and durability. In addition, this Red Label pack of 12 comes with choice grits-1000, 800, 600, and 400. The higher ratings are the ultra-fine grits, while the lower ratings are the coarse grits. Fortunately, these sanding belts are compatible with most belt sander models.

Besides the premium durability in these Red Label belts, they also come with an anti-clogging stearate which keeps loading at bay. This reinforcement ensures that loading is kept at bay, preventing excessive heating and gouging. Ultimately, these Red Label Abrasives 1 x 30 belts are an affordable yet versatile option for outstanding knife sharpening and polishing.


  • Cheap
  • Belts feature resin strength reinforcement
  • Oustanding polishing and sharpening
  • Durable
  • Anti-clogging
  • Compatible with wet or dry applications


  • Not the best for knife shaping and grinding

5. Super Strop 1X30 inch Assorted Belt Kit

1X30 inch Assorted Belt Kit with Super Strop Leather Honing Polishing Belt Buffing Compound Included
  • 1X30 Leather Honing Stropping Plus 4 Pack Assorted Sharpening belt Kit. This package is a great introduction to get you sharpening on your 1x30 Belt Sander. Like the popular Harbor Freight 1 X 30 Belt Sander and combination sander. Turn your belt sander into a knife sharpener today. MADE IN USA!!
  • 120 Grit & 220 Grit Ceramic Sharpening Belts | Ceramic Grain Sharpening and Sanding Belts offer superior longevity and performance. The Ceramic Grain of the 1x30 sharpening belts constantly fractures to expose a sharp cutting surface. The extra flexible backing makes this sharpener's belt kit an ideal option for sharpening and contour sanding on your 1x30 belt sander. Ceramic 1x30 Belts are known to last longer and produce less heat than other materials.
  • 600 Grit & 1000 Grit Silicon Carbide Sharpening Belts | High Grit Silicon carbide abrasive belts are an industry standard for sharpening because of the grain's consistent and fast cutting properties. The silicon carbide grain of the 600 & 1000 grit sharpening belts offers consistent sharpening results.
  • Leather belt sharpening kit includes our Super Strop White Sharpening Compound, also known as buffing compound or rouge, it is specifically designed for powered leather strops. The compound should be applied as the belt runs on your sharpener or belt sander. The buffing compound melts slightly from the friction and applies a very thin layer to the leather stropping belt. The speed of the leather honing belt and cutting power of our compound, means it only takes a small amount to be effective
  • SUPER STROP LEATHER HONING BELT GUARANTEE | SUPER STROP Premium Leather Honing Belts are guaranteed against manufacturer defects, material defects & User Error. If your Leather Honing Belt overstretches, won't track straight, breaks or you accidentally or purposely cut the belt, we'll send an immediate replacement or give you a full refund. Leather is a natural product and can be unpredictable to work with, therefore we guarantee our leather honing belts from any imaginable defect.

Another excellent choice in this category of sanding belt models is the Super Strop kit of assorted belts. Uniquely, these belts are made with premium leather which provides exceptional sturdiness and durability. Also, the engineering behind these belts makes them appear shorter than other models despite being an appropriate size for 1x30 sanders. This short impression is meant to make up for the stretching that a sanding belt undergoes over time.

In addition to the sturdy leather material, these belts include a buffing compound that is handy in providing the much sought-after mirror polish along razor-sharp knife edges. Also, with this belt model, you will finish knife-making tasks faster, unlike manual stropping. Correspondingly, this set of belts works efficiently with most belt sanders in the market, including Rikon, Harbor Freight, Craftsman, Wen, and Central Machinery.

In fulfilling excellent knife sharpening, this kit comes with grits of 120 and 200 that also ensure mirror finishes. In the end, this kit will transform your belt sander into a premium knife sharpener. Y

If you want to turn your 1x30 belt sander into a powerful knife sharpener, get this 4 pack assorted sharpening belt kit today. You'll like the results it yields and how fast it gets the job done!


  • Affordable
  • Wide belt-sander compatibility
  • Durable
  • Excellent sharpener for polished finishes


  • Strop might be difficult to stretch when new

6. Red Label Abrasives 1 X 30 Inch Premium Ceramic Belts

This is another pick from the Red label abrasives brand, made in the highest regard of knife makers. This pack is holistic in that you can use it to create a new knife through processes such as rough grinding and finishing it. Additionally, these Red Label Abrasives 1 x 30-inch belts are made from premium ceramic content.

Moreover, these belts also come with Y-weight polyester cloth backing for extra strength and durability. Besides their remarkable strength, these Red label belts are also anti-clogging for preventing build-up and reducing heating. You can also use these Red Label Abrasives 1 x 30-inch belts under wet and dry conditions since its water-resistant.

Also, this pack of six from Red Label Abrasives comes with a piece for each of the grits-120, 100, 80, 60, 40, and 36. As a result, these select Red Label Abrasives 1 x 30-inch belts are ideal for sharpening, hogging and heavy grinding of different steels, including carbon steel, hardened metals and stainless steels. Overall, investing in Red Label Abrasives belts guarantees flexibility and durability.


  • Super heavy-duty build
  • Extended long life
  • Versatile knife-making functions
  • Anti-clogging stearate and water-resistant


  • Expensive

7. Danielll Aluminum Oxide Sanding Belts

Aluminum Oxide Sanding Belts 1/2 x 18 inch 60 80 120 150 240 400 Assorted Grits(30 Pack)
  • 【Package Included】30 pcs Abrasive belt(5 X 60 Grits,5 X 80 Grits, 5 X 120 Grits, 5 X 150 Grits , 5 X 240 Grits, 5 X 400 Grits)
  • 【Premium Quality】 - Made from premium open coat aluminum oxide grain, delivering fast and long lasting sanding.
  • 【Durable】Antistatic, washable plus an additive in the resin to resist loading.
  • 【Wide use】Suitable for Sanders & Grinders to applications: wood/ aluminum/ non-ferrous metal/ plastic/ fiberglass.
  • 【Strength Manufacturer】We are the manufacturer!Ultra strong and Precision built bi-directional tape joint. Belts can be run in either direction.

Sharpening knives also doesn't get any better than with Danielll sanding belts. These belts are made with aluminum oxide grain of different grits-400, 240, 150, 120, 80, and 60. This range of grain is ideal for flexibility across all knife-making processes like roughing, grinding and finishing.

Take advantage of this inexpensive pack and get a record 30 belts. Ideally, you can use these belts with different materials, including fiberglass, non-ferrous metal, wood, fiberglass and plastic. Overall, these belts are fast at their work and avoid loading up.


  • Inexpensive
  • More belts than other packs
  • Long-lasting
  • Belts run in either direction
  • Versatile functionality


  • Slightly stretched and less tensile strength for some belts

8. Norton SG Blaze Plus 1x30 6 Pack Grit Ceramic Sanding Sharpening Belts

Norton SG Blaze Plus 1x30 6 Pack 2 Each 40, 60, 80 Grit Ceramic Sanding Sharpening Belts
  • 6 PACK - 2 EACH 40, 60, 80 Grit | 1X30 Norton Blaze ceramic alumina belts are the best choice for mild and carbon steel, stainless, cobalt, chrome, Inconel, and titanium applications.
  • PREMIUM GRINDING BELTS FOR PROFESSIONALS AND HOBBYISTS | Cooler cutting Norton SG ceramic abrasive grain. Lasts 50% to 200% longer on mild and carbon steel, stainless, cobalt, chrome, Inconel and titanium versus aluminum oxide belts
  • A NEW LEVEL OF CUTTING EFFICIENCY | The best choice for coarse grit stock removal operations. Cuts 20% faster than the current generation of grinding belts. Longer belt life with better metal integrity. Greater productivity; lowest total grinding costs.
  • RUGGED DURABILITY AND CUTTING EDGE TECHNOLOGY | Y-weight polyester waterproof cloth backing provides edge-fray resistance and excellent body retention during use for more consistent grinding throughout belt life. Durable resin bond system significantly improved belt life due to better grain adhesion. Advanced “supersize” grinding lubricant for cooler cutting during the life of the belt.
  • TRULY PROFESSIONAL RESULTS | Take your knife making to the next level. When used on stainless steel, cobalt, chrome, titanium, and other metals, this belt improves material integrity while delivering a consistent finish.

Lastly, you can choose this Norton SG Blaze pack of six belts made of high-quality ceramic material. Of course, the sound of ceramic translates to strong grain ready for the ultimate knife making, be it cutting, shaping or sharpening. Ideally, you can use these heavy-duty sanding belts on different knife types.

In addition, these sanding belts come with waterproof cloth backing, which is Y-weight, meaning they are even stronger. Not to worry, grains on these belts are lubricated for improved metal integrity, durability and cooler cutting. Worth noting, the grits offered in this pack include 120, 80, 60, and 40.


  • Durable build with cloth backing
  • Water-resistant
  • Flexible grits
  • Versatile functionality


  • Expensive

Tips of Using 1x 30 Belts

  • First, before turning on your sander, ensure your respective belt is securely fastened. This trick will help avoid chattering and enable steady grinding or sanding pressure.
  • Ensure proper handgrip of the blade depending on the size of your piece. Notably, you can use both hands or just a thumb to press on the back piece.
  • Switch hands as you alternate the knife sides to grind both sides adequately. For beginners, we recommend starting with your weakest hand and then progressing to your dominant hand.
  • Ensure you sand or grind with your body by keeping the elbows tight to the body. This approach helps maintain better movement control. 
  • Also, it is always helpful to have a bucket of water close to your belt sander. Water helps to reduce heat since grinding is a friction process that produces heat.
  • Lastly, maintain proper care and cleaning. You can use a belt stick to pull material from your belt or use an eraser belt. This last tip will help maintain your select belts in tip-top condition.

Factors to Consider Before Buying the Best 1x30 Belts for Knife Making

1. Size

The first characteristic to look out for in the best 1x30 belts for knife making is the size. Size, in this case, refers to the length and width of a given belt responsible for covering the revolutions when sanding. Subsequently, the size of your belt sander will guide you in the specific belt to buy. In most cases, bigger wooden and metallic material may work well with a wider belt. Also, functions determine the belt size, like you would have a smaller belt for occasional sharpening jobs.

2. Grit Size

Across all packs in this buying guide, there is a mention of the different grit sizes. Each included grit is important to fulfilling a specific use. Notably, the smaller the grit, the rougher the belt as opposed to the larger grits that offer finer grinding, the more they advance. The size of grit also influences the function of a given belt.

For instance, you can have the ideal grit for grinding and another sharpening and polishing. However, even before deciding on the grit assortment to purchase, it is important to understand the task at hand. Evidently, knife making is a process with various steps, and these are the ones that will guide you on the pack that will help you make the knife you desire.

Therefore, the more assorted belts you have in your pack, the better coverage you will have for your knife-creation tasks. For instance, use ultra-fine grits for polishing and sharpening tasks and apply coarse grits for durable grinds. Eventually, it is worth noting that hardened steel will, in turn, freshen your belt's grit, unlike soft metal that will clog with abrasives.

3. Water-Resistance

Considering that knife grinding/making as a whole involves both dry and wet conditions, your belt model must be ready for all situations. As such, we recommend buying waterproof or water-resistant options at the minimum. This feature will ensure even when you use water to reduce heat, your belt won't attract loading.

4. Sander Motor Capacity

The motor capacity of your select sander affects the pressure and speed your belt will go through. Also, this capacity goes hand in hand with the work about knifemaking you intend to undertake. Typically, motor capacity is measured in terms of RPM. Therefore, with the help of your motor's RPM, you will be able to identify the belt strength you require. Nonetheless, it is best to always buy premium, strong grinding products.

5. Type of Belt Sander

Across most sanding belts on our, we have featured models with flexible compatibility. However, you might find a belt sander that requires to use of a specific belt for optimal functionality. For instance, you can have a belt sander specifically meant for contour sanding and convex edge sharpening. Accordingly, this will require you to buy an appropriate belt.


If you make knives as a hobby or you are a beginner, the 1x30-inch sanding belts are an ideal choice. Belts in this category stand out through their balanced affordability and efficiency. We recommend investing in the best 1x30 belts for knife making to maximize other features like durability. Ultimately, find some of the best belts that seasoned knife makers use in this comprehensive guide.

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